Waste Water Pumps Port Hedland


Allpumps and Waterboringare the waste water pumps specialists in Port Hedland and surrounding areas. 

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from water discharged from domestic, industrial or commercial premises as well as surface run-off.

Waste water pumps are often used to transport waste, sewer or stormwater to a place of treatment at a higher elevation, meaning they are often submersed in a wet well.

At Allpumps and Water we are specialists in everything related to all pumps – hence our name.
We can supply a whole range of components for a complete mechanical, biological, and chemical wastewater treatment plant.

We supply a variety of pumps including:

Centrifugal Bore Pumps – which  are one of the most common pumps, and one of the largest range of pumps, they are generally used for water transfer or reticulation systems.

Submersible bore pumps  -  are used in situations where the water table is below the maximum lifting depth of a standard Centrifical pump. It is a very reliable and quiet pump.
Vertical multistage pressure pumps  - are a specialised pump, used where high pressure and high flow is required, they are very versatile and are used on large irrigation systems, water transfer and pressure boosting systems.

At Allpumps and Water we are an experienced supplier of waste water pumps in Port Hedland, we also offer a complete service of trained and licensed pumping professionals to help you with the installation, repair and removal of your waste water pumps in Port Hedland.

For a free quotation on our range of waste water pumps Port Hedland companies can call us now on (08) 9583 3508