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Submersible Pumps

Allpumps & Waterboring supply a huge range of submersible pumps to suit your requirements and budget. If you are looking for an excellent submersible pump in Ravensthorpe to use either commercially or at home come in and see us. Submersible pumps are not only quiet and reliable but are also more efficient than most other varieties.

Submersible pumps are most commonly used where the water table is below the maximum lifting depth of a standard Centrifical pump. At Allpumps & Waterboring in Ravensthorpe, when it comes to preventing pump cavitations and pumping fluid up to the surface instead of pulling it we are your number one choice.

At Allpumps & Waterboring, pumps are our speciality!

We have many types to choose from including submersible de-watering pumps, sludge pumps, slurry pumps and sewage pumps. The pumps can be made from cast iron or stainless steel depending on your needs. We supply many popular brands of including Davey, Grundfos, Southern Cross, Lowarra, Onga, Universal and Franklin.

Not only do we sell submersible pumps, our contractors also repair and service them in our state of the art workshop in Ravensthorpe. We also offer sale, removal and installation of large and commercial artesian submersible pumps, including variable speed units.

Come in and see us here at Allpumps & Waterboring, you will find the highest quality and most reliable submersible pumps in Ravensthorpe at cost effective prices!

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