Sprinkler and Reticulation Mandurah


Say goodbye to unattractive hosepipes and moving sprinklers around the lawn.  In our all too hot and dry summers, good irrigation is a necessity for a healthy and green garden as well as the conservation of precious water.

An irrigation system is an integral part of a low maintenance garden.

Instead of being a slave to your garden, you can set up an irrigation system to water your lawn, flowerbeds, vegetable patch and even your pots.

Rob from All Pumps and Water said recently that a logical extension to the Pumps and Waterboring services they provide would be to carry and sell parts for sprinkler and reticulation in Mandurah.

Some of the items they stock include:

    • Pop up sprinklers
    • Gear drive sprinklers
    • Solonoids
    • Reticulation controllers
    • Reticulation pvc pipe
    • Reticulation poly pipe
    • PVC Fittings
    • Poly Fittings
    • Check Valves
    • Ball Valves
    • Glue, Thread tape
    • and much moreā€¦

With outstanding attention to detail, All Pumps and Water are the company for your reticulation project.  They service Mandurah and all surrounding areas.

Forget needless waste of precious water.  All of your waterboring parts for sprinkler and reticulation in Mandurah can now be supplied by the one business.

For all your parts for Sprinkler and Reticulation in Mandurah
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