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In our all too hot and dry summers, watering through an efficiently planned and constructed reticulation system is a necessity for a healthy and green garden.

Long gone are the days of manual watering or relying on family to water when you go on holidays.  Whether you are watering a small backyard rose garden through to the full reticulation of large properties, All Pumps have the parts and expertise you need.

A number of different types of irrigation and waterflow are needed in your garden to get the best water use and the most effective water distribution to your plants and lawns.

Rob from All Pumps and Water said recently that a logical extension to the pumps and waterboring services they provide would be to carry and sell reticulation parts in Pinjarra.

Some of the items they stock include:

  • Pop up sprinklers
  • Gear drive sprinklers
  • Solonoids
  • Reticulation controllers
  • Reticulation pvc pipe
  • Reticulation poly pipe
  • PVC Fittings
  • Poly Fittings
  • Check Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Glue, Thread tape
  • and much more...

Forget needless waste of precious water, ask for advice on the most practical and efficient reticulation system for your requirements. 

All of your waterboring and reticulation parts in Pinjarra can now be supplied by the one business, no need to shop around any further.

For outstanding personal service and attention, call Allpumps and Waterboring for all your reticulation parts in Pinjarra.

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For all your Reticulation parts in Pinjarrah call All Pumps now on 9583 3508