Pump Servicing South Hedland


With over 50 years experience between Directors Rob and Matt, Allpumps&Waterboring are the people to call for all pump servicing in South Hedland.

The qualified staff at Allpumps&Waterboring are fully trained and licensed to tackle every pump servicing in South Hedland and believe that all customers should be treated with respect and pride themselves on being a very ethical business with a focus on very high customer service.

We have a fully equipped repair workshop and carry a large range of all purpose pumps.  We specialise in the sales, servicing, repairs and installation of all our pumps. 
We carry and service the following range of pumps:

Centrifugal Bore Pumps
These are one of the most common pumps, and one of the largest range of pumps, that are widely used for water transfer or reticulation systems.

Allpumps can carry out all your pump servicing in South Hedland and carry a complete range of bore pumpsincluding Davey, Grundfos, Franklin, Southern Cross, Lowarra KSB Ajax, Mono, and Universal ranging from Domestic garden size pumps to very large commercial pumps.

Submersible bore pumps
These pumps are very quiet and reliable and are used in situations where the water table is below the maximum lifting depth of a standard Centrifugal pump.

Allpumps carry a wide range of submersible pumps including Franklin, Grundfos, Lowarra, Davey, Onga Southern Cross, and Universal.

Pump servicing in South Hedland is available by Allpumps and Waterboring who have fully qualified tradesman and electrical contractors.

Vertical multistage pressure pumps
These are a very versatile, specialised pump, used where high pressure and high flow is required.  Mainly used on large irrigation systems, water transfer and pressure boosting systems.
They can also be variable speed so one pump can do more than one duty and is commonly used on mining camps, caravan parks and commercial irrigation systems.

Allpumps range of vertical multi stage pumps are Grundfos, Lowarra, and Davey.

Allpumps specialise in pump servicing in South Hedland.  Pumps are tank tested before they go back into service in our fully equipped workshop.

Engine driven fire pumps
These pumps are used for fighting fires and come in either diesel or petro.  In the case of a fire, the electric power is the first to be disconnected, this means the only way to pump water is by using an engine driven pump.  These pumps are also used where electric power is not available and work well as water transfer pumps.

Allpumpscarry a range of engine driven pumps including Davey, Onga, Southern Cross, Custom built commercial units.

Allpumps are the professionals in any matters relating to pump servicing in South Hedland.

For all sales, repairs and pump servicing in South Hedland
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