Motor Rewinding Perth


In many cases it may be easier and more convenient to replace a motor than to get it rewound. However, it is not always easy to find motor replacements. If you are faced with such an issue and are looking for efficient and cost effective motor rewinding Perth, you are at the right place!

Allpumps & Waterboring is a one-stop-shop offering rewinds of all types of motors ranging from small domestic motors to large high voltage motors for mine and industrial use.

Our strict adherence to using high quality parts installed by fully qualified tradesmen has helped us earn a reputable name for ourselves for motor rewinding in Perth.
We use the finest materials for all motor rewinding services including a Class H insulation system and superior quality magnet wire that can withstand more stress and minimise the effect of electrical spikes that inevitably occur. 

Our motor rewinds are pre-heated, dipped and baked in Class H electrical insulation at least twice depending upon the application.

Our team of motor rewinding experts employ the best techniques that they have refined over years of experience in the industry. They place each rewind under a rigorous test to ensure that it lasts in the field.

When you choose our electric motor rewinding services, you choose quality and dedication that keep your motor running long after average rewinds fail.
Through our expertise in motor rewinding Perth, we help to minimise business downtime and scale up your production efficiency.

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motor rewinding Perth solutions.