Filtration Equipment Perth


As water quality is depleting and people are getting more health conscious it is getting more important to filter water.

Many people rely on filtration as they supply their own water from bores or rain water.

There are many ways of treating water and some of the issues can be hard water (calcium), salt water and iron. All these problems can be rectified using the correct filtration equipment.

Allpumps have had many years of experience supplying and installing filtration equipment for the domestic market as well as the commercial market.

Allpumps can supply domestic and commercial RO Units, water softeners, UV light systems and also under sink water filters.

Allpumps supply Kenetico, Waterco, Steriflow, Waterguard and Crystal clear.

Allpumps are a one stop shop that has been built on an ethical foundation. Feel free to contact us for advice on any water issues.

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